Hours of Worship and Grail Festivals

Hours of the Joint Worship of God serve as a special help for spiritualisation on Sundays and Festival days. Framed by music and floral decoration in rooms set aside for this purpose alone, a lecture from the Grail Message, and afterwards a prayer, are spoken each time.

Many persons regard these short Hours of Worship, mostly held on Sundays, as the high point of their weekly life. On principle, they are open to all those who strive to live according to the Grail Message, or who wish to occupy themselves with it.

About the meaning of the Hour of Worship Abd-ru-shin said:

“Above all make use of the joint gatherings as Hours for the solemn worship of God. But do express Divine service in the entire activity of your being, in life itself; for it is with this that you shall serve your Creator, thankful and jubilant for the grace of being allowed to exist!

Make everything you think and do into a service to God! Then it will bring you that peace which you long for.”

In addition to the Hours of Worship Abd-ru-shin instituted three Grail Festivals.

Every year on 30th May the Festival of the Holy Dove is celebrated. This Festival is closely associated with the well-known Event of Pentecost, but above all with the activity of the Holy Grail and the Holy Spirit. The Dove is the visible Sign of the Holy Spirit, of the Will of God.

Abd-ru-shin explained that the “Grail” and the “Grail Castle”, familiar from numerous myths and legends, do in fact exist, though not as an earthly vessel or edifice, but as the issuing-point of the sublime Creation-Work.

The Holy Grail is the Power Transmission Point between the Divine Realm and Creation. Through the Holy Grail at the appointed time all that exists is enlivened afresh with the Creator’s Power.

”It is the moment in which the Love of the Creator radiantly flows forth in the Temple of the Holy Grail, bringing new life and a new urge to create, pulsating downwards and diffusing itself through all the Universe. A trembling and a holy awe, with forebodings of joy and great happiness, vibrate through all the spheres. Only the spirit of earthman still stands aside, without intuitively sensing what is happening particularly to him at that moment; or in what a dull-witted manner he accepts such an immeasurable gift, because the limitations he imposed upon himself through his intellect no longer permit him to grasp such greatness!

It is the moment when a new supply of vital energy is sent out into the entire Creation!

It is the necessary, ever-recurring ratification of the Covenant between the Creator and His Work!”

This regular, rhythmic Event of the Outpouring of the Creator's Living Power did not gain entry to the Grail legends just as a happening affording “miraculous sustenance”, but there is a connection – not generally known – with Pentecost, when at one time after the death of their Lord – so painful to them – the disciples of Jesus were filled with special spiritual Power.

Jesus had announced this experience to His followers with the words: “You will receive the Power of the Holy Spirit, which will come upon you!” This, however, was not a solitary event concerning only the disciples, but a general, ever-recurring event which the band of disciples was able consciously to experience in devout attunement.

“The festival of Whitsuntide [“Whitsuntide” is another designation for “Pentecost”.] has been instituted by Christians in memory of this occurrence, without their ever suspecting that at this approximate time each year the Day of the Holy Dove occurs in the Grail Castle, that is, the day of the renewal of power for Creation by the Holy Spirit. Naturally this does not always correspond exactly with the Whitsuntide holiday as figured out on earth, but at its approximate time!”

The second Grail Festival is the Festival of the Pure Lily on 7th September of each year. This Festival is to bring to mind in a special way a central command of the Grail Message without whose observance any spiritual ascent is impossible:

“Keep the hearth of your thoughts pure, by so doing you will bring peace and be happy!”

In a broad sense the aspiration towards purity – whose symbol is the Lily – appertains to the duties of every human being who strives to live in the spirit of the Grail Message. However, the Festival of the Pure Lily is above all addressed to womanhood, who, in comparison with man, through her more refined perceptivity, has a closer relation to beauty, harmony and nature.

The third Grail Festival is the Festival of the Radiant Star on 29th December. It is closely associated with Christmas and is to remind us of the birth of Jesus, the Son of God, attended long ago by the shining forth of the Bethlehem Star. Above all, however, it is to remind us of His Mission, that consisted in bringing mankind the Truth in His Message of Love.

Therefore this Grail Festival is also called the Festival of the Rose, because the rose is the symbol of love – of true charity and compassion, as taught by Jesus Christ. Of this love Abd-ru-shin said among other things:

“Genuine love will take no account of what gratifies the other, of what is agreeable to him and gives him joy, but will only direct itself towards what will benefit him, regardless of whether it affords him pleasure or not. That is genuine love and service!”

Apart from these three High Festival Days, Grail Festivals take place also at other times and in many countries. They are to help mediate a spiritual connection with the Light to those human beings who would lead their life in the spirit of the Grail Message.

With the recognition of the Truth in the Grail Message and the avowal to the Creator there is made – upon specific request – the New Covenant with God through the Sealing during a Grail Festival. As an outwardly visible Sign the person asking for it receives the Grail Cross. This personal decision by the individual does not lead to any ties neither to the Grail Movement nor to other Sealed persons, who within the Grail Movement are also known as Crossbearers.

Further Grail Acts are the Marriage, the Blessing for couples who have been married for some time, the Blessing for children and for babies, as well as Funerals.

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