Principles of the work with young people

The basis of working with young people is the knowledge about the Laws of Creation, mediated to us within the Grail Message, which are of course also effective in Nature.

There are a number of hints for parents, teachers and tutors among the explanations in the book “In the Light of Truth” as to the way in which the development of children can be supported. It explains how children can be encouraged and challenged so that they develop into consciously responsible human beings.

The care and the opportunities in the work with young people depend on the development phases of the children, whereby the experiencing of Nature is very much in the foreground. These connections are described by the author of the Grail Message a number of times:

“The streams, the mountains, the forests, the meadows and the flowers, as well as the animals, will then become familiar to every child, who will be securely anchored in this realm, which is to provide the field of activity during its sojourn on earth. It will then stand quite firmly and fully conscious in Nature, in the whole world of animistic activity, full of understanding and thus well equipped and quite ready to work with its spirit also, uplifting and furthering to an even greater extent all that surrounds it like a huge garden! Only thus can it become a true gardener in Creation!”

It is for this reason that the structure of the youth-holidays within the Grail Movement addresses the young people above all through Nature. The handling of animals and plants are just as separated out as getting to know the elements fire, earth, water and air. To bring these closer to the children in a suitable form is a considerable part of the programme for youth-work. The children should have the opportunity to experience the existing Laws that can be observed in every flower, every tree or stretch of water, in their own way. This relation to Nature is the prerequisite for dealing responsibly with the environment later.

The realisation of Nature and the exchange with the environment take place by means of our senses. A good training and fostering of the senses (seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, touching and balance) are of great importance, because through them every human being can consciously be working in Creation.

This is always being considered when choosing the contents and activities for the youth-holidays and all the senses are being involved.

In every programme there is variation between physical activity, as for instance riding, canoeing or climbing, and creative activities, such as searching, painting, forming or play-acting.

The Grail Message states about this:

“Until the child reaches maturity you shall only prepare the tool which it needs for its life on earth, and nothing else, namely, the physical body with all its gross material functions.”

With advancing years, the children develop more and more conscious responsibility and learn to accept self-responsibility for their actions. To foster this, all participants – in accordance with their age – share in the tasks and duties as part of their day during youth-holidays. These extend from laying the table for the joint meals, some washing up duties, to being in charge of individual games.

Another important basic principle of our youth-work is the imparting of values. Honesty, reliability, helpfulness, consideration are just a few of these. The children and young people should be conscious of the importance of these values. This comes about through the basic rules, which are being discussed at the outset at every get-together, through the exemplary functioning of the attendants and also through the special atmosphere prevailing during the youth-holidays.

In the Grail Message one can read about this:

“An eternal Law operates in the Universe: That only in giving can one receive where lasting values are concerned! Like a sacred legacy of its Creator, this Law deeply permeates the whole of Creation. To give unselfishly, to help where help is needed, and to understand both the suffering and the weaknesses of your fellow-men, means to receive, because it is the simple and true way to the Highest!”

The youth-work in the Grail Movement is carried out by a group of voluntary helpers, who organise and carry out various events for different age groups and in different locations. The attendants and helpers concern themselves regularly with essential subjects and questions forming part of the education and fostering of young people and work these out in separate conferences.